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„Our bus company was established in 1990. Originally, it started operating in the Czech Republic but as time passed the scope of our activities spread out to all of Europe. From the very beginning the company has been considered very flexible and well-orientated towards customers. The main vision is to provide people with an available form of traveling, give them more possibilities and access to places that had not been as easily accessable before. This vision is regularly fulfilled by the tens of thousands of passengers who use our services every year. Nowadays we are interested in touring transports for travel agencies, schools and other organizations. Furthermore, we prosecute many domestic and international lines, transporting for employees to their companies and we also help with transport on events like musical festivals and congresses. Thanks to a lot of experiences we have gained during our business years, we are able to serve the costumers very quickly and adequately. If there is something we take pride in, it is our tradition because we know that in tradition there is a hidden future and together with our principles it represents who we really are.“


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